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Sverica International Announces its Investment in Doculynx, Inc., Facilitating the Acquisition of Anacomp’s docHarbor Online and Document Management Divisions

Omaha, Nebraska, September 2, 2010: Sverica International announced today that it made a capital investment in Doculynx Inc., a leading provider of document archive and retrieval, electronic distribution, and web presentment systems. Sverica’s investment was made to facilitate the acquisition of the analog and digital document processing assets of Anacomp, a company specializing in business process solutions. The investment significantly increases DocuLynx’s already robust document archive and retrieval capabilities, and continues to build Sverica’s portfolio of enterprise software, technology-enabled service, and document management businesses.

DocuLynx, Inc. is focused on helping companies manage high volume transactional output (HVTO) print streams using its flagship archive and web presentment software Mercury. Built around an advanced object database that significantly outperforms relational databases when dealing with high volumes of data, Mercury represents the next generation of archive solutions, allowing implementations and deployments to be performed in days, rather than months. Combining Mercury’s industry-leading technology with Anacomp’s established computer output microfiche (COM) capabilities, CD services, document scanning, report printing, analog to digital conversion, docHarbor online web presentment solution, and proven business processes provides a unique opportunity for business environments with deployed microfiche-based document management systems as well as those with digital systems requirements.

Additionally, the acquisition expands DocuLynx’s service provider customer base to include several verticals where Anacomp has an entrenched presence, including banking and finance, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, telecom, government and utilities. The Anacomp divisions are expected to be fully integrated into the business model of DocuLynx.

Sandro Mina, Managing Director at Sverica, commented: “We at Sverica are excited about the relationship with DocuLynx. They have developed a leading technology platform and this merger will help broaden the value proposition and provide unique cross-sell opportunities across the combined customer base.”

Terry Wieczorek, president and CEO of DocuLynx added: “We welcome this partnership with Sverica, a firm that shares our commitment to building long-term client relationships. The partnership will allow us to leverage Sverica’s resources and industry networks to expand our services to current customers as well as enter new markets. The acquisition of these business units from Anacomp makes it possible for DocuLynx to provide enterprises with a full spectrum of capabilities and expand our offerings to include document and microfilm scanning, data analytics, and enhanced security capabilities on the web.”

About Doculynx
DocuLynx Inc. is an information technology company whose mission is to help customers manage and add value to high volume computer output print streams. DocuLynx offers improved organization for document-intensive industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, telecom, service providers and utilities. Doculynx helps customers efficiently and cost-effectively satisfy the requirements of their clients and ensure regulatory compliance. DocuLynx also provides professional and systems integration services to assist organizations in the adoption of these technologies. DocuLynx fosters a culture that empowers employees and helps them meet the business needs of its customers. For more information, visit

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