About Us

Sverica Capital is a specialized private investment partnership focused exclusively on acquiring lower middle-market businesses. Sverica leadership brings unique industry experience, insights and guidance to the management teams of its portfolio companies to help drive transformational growth. At Sverica, we believe in long-term strategic partnerships, built on trust and driven by core values.

Value-Driven Partnerships

We specialize in partnering with emerging and founder-based businesses, scaling them to their full potential, and putting the leadership and infrastructure in place to ensure their continued success long after our divestment. Sverica was founded specifically for entrepreneurs who know what it takes to be successful, who put people first, who have worked hard to build a unique business, who push the boundaries within their industry, and who choose to partner with seasoned professionals who have shared values but different talents and perspectives.

A Better Way

Sverica Capital is redefining what it means to be a private equity firm. We invest in people, the greatest asset of every successful company. We’re driven to see opportunities others don’t and capitalize on opportunities others miss. We operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive and challenge ourselves to think differently. This approach has helped us become one of the leading private equity firms in the lower middle market, serving alongside talented entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses in ways that often exceed their expectations.

We believe that private equity should be more than capital. Unlike other PE investors, we’re not a turn-around shop. We’re ambitious. We have big ideas and high expectations. But, we’re also patient investors who are committed to taking great companies to new, sustainable heights of success.

Focusing on Talent We cultivate existing talent and augment the team where necessary while adding independent Directors who have been there and done that in your company’s industry.

Thinking Strategically We help you think about your business, where it is today and what it can be tomorrow.

Taking Calculated Risks We provide the guidance, capital and support to take measured, calculated risks to grow your business.

Reinvesting for Growth We reinvest profits to grow the business and compound returns.

At Sverica, we think independently and act as one. We are deeply committed to our team, our business partners and investors. We strive to create a culture that empowers human potential and expands opportunities.

A lot has happened since we first opened our doors over 20 years ago, but our commitment to hard work, ingenuity and innovation never wavers.

Our Difference is Measurable

Data is a core element of Sverica’s culture. We’re known for our ability to understand and leverage data to drive predictable growth strategies. That said, we don’t let analysis distract us from the big picture. Data informs the strategic decisions we make to get to where we want to go. We know that when we build a market leading company, superior investment returns will follow. Strong financial returns are important, to be sure, but our decision to invest is made by our mission to organically grow a good business into a great one.

Our Team

We have high expectations. We are tireless in our pursuit of excellence. We’re a strong team of inspired, ambitious professionals who strive to reach a level of success that benefits everyone – the business owners, management teams and employees, our investors, our team, and our families.

We're Ready to Listen