More than Capital

Being entrepreneurs at heart, we wanted to bring a different vision to private equity. Our disciplined approach to managing risk, along with our financial and operational expertise has helped us build market leading companies and exceed benchmarks. From our deeply rooted foundational belief that private equity is more than capital, we continue to do what’s in the best interest of the portfolio company and its people.

Sverica creates lasting value for our business partners and our investors. We provide more than capital – we help businesses invent more, sell more, make more, and do it with greater efficiency and profitability.

As Sam Walton once said, “Capital isn’t scarce, vision is.” While private equity investments are often rooted in the need for financial capital, a Sverica investment provides entrepreneurs with the people, ideas, processes and resources that they need to be successful in the long-run. Sverica looks past the five-year horizon to build strong businesses that will continue to thrive well beyond our investment. We reinvest our capital and work shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners and their management teams to grow their business, preserve their culture, and create a lasting legacy.

Our Business is to Help You Grow Your Business

While many private equity firms build value through cost-cutting and increasing debt levels, we grow businesses organically by investing in new initiatives, management expertise, and infrastructure. We have been successful in developing value creation strategies that include appropriate investments in infrastructure, followed by an aggressive acquisition and organic growth strategy. From fueling growth strategies to pursue new customers, develop new services and/or products, or expand market share, to hiring best-in-class management professionals who can optimize company efficiency and profitability, we have the ability to provide the required capital and insights for growth. When the time is right, we will also support strategic acquisitions and add-ons.

How We're Different

Nothing is more important to a company’s success than the strength of its management. A high-caliber, engaged board of directors is a luxury few lower middle market companies can afford. Drawing on the experience of independent board members elevates strategic discussions and helps to avoid mistakes. Sverica investments are true partnerships with management teams and employees. We help entrepreneurs and management build on what works to accelerate growth. Often that means investing in talent to build not only the C-suite, but also depth at every level of the organization.

Our executive network is world class, built around relationships with successful entrepreneurs and executives who have direct experience owning and operating companies in our market sectors. This makes us better partners and is a “win-win” scenario for management teams. Our deep bench of seasoned professionals can serve as post-close advisors, consultants and active board members or fill key management positions. These meticulously selected experts provide guidance in investment, market growth opportunities, competitive positioning and customer trends.

Sverica looks past the typical five-year horizon to build businesses that can thrive well beyond our investment. We concentrate on driving profitable and sustained growth, which benefits management, employees, customers and ultimately our investors. We align early with management, agree on a plan, then provide the resources and guidance to help management execute. Our job as investors is to help management balance long-term goals with short-term priorities.

Since day one, we have worked hard to establish our reputation for professionalism and integrity. We don’t make quick decisions, preferring to measure twice and cut once. We’ve grown our team gradually, selecting only the best people who share our vision and our values. We take the same approach in deciding who we want to partner with. We know that our reputation is defined by the decisions we make and the companies we partner with and we are proud to be associated with so many great business leaders over the years.

Sverica’s Partners have run companies themselves, so they know what it takes – from making critical strategic decisions to making payroll. In addition, Sverica’s investment professionals have worked at some of the top consulting and investment banking firms in the world. We apply those resources as a supplement to management’s internal capabilities to help provide tangible business analysis and insights. Projects range from pricing strategy to Salesforce optimization, to product line extensions and strategic M&A.

Teamwork Divides the Challenge and Multiplies the Success

Each Sverica investment is supported by a team that can go from being a high-level strategic advisor to providing detailed analytical support on a range of issues. The team you meet at the start will be the team you will work with long-term.

We're Ready to Listen