Talent Development

Nothing is more important to a company’s success than the strength of its management. More often than not, lower middle market companies have lacked the resources to invest in management depth. We focus on working with the senior team to attract, enable and retain world class talent at every level of the organization.

Board Operating Executives

A high-caliber, engaged board of directors is a luxury few lower middle market companies can afford. Drawing on the experience of independent board members elevates strategic discussions and helps avoid mistakes.
Sverica places Directors with highly relevant industry experience who can offer a playbook for
success and serve as trusted advisers to the executive team.

Strategic Guidance and Reinvestment

Starting with our first interaction with management, Sverica begins development of a strategic plan for each investment. In collaboration with management we work to align on specific goals and objectives. Following a transaction, we work with management on a 180-day plan of actionable, quick wins. Over the course of an investment we help management balance the current needs with the long-term.

Capital Structure

Sverica helps management drive returns by focusing on growth initiatives, not through financial engineering. At the same time, an efficient capital structure is important for companies to fund growth. Sverica takes the burden of accessing the debt capital markets off management’s shoulders. Our relationships and
experience lead to flexible debt facilities with trusted, patient lenders.

Analytical Support

Sverica’s investment professionals have worked at the top consulting and investment banking firms in the world. We apply those resources as a supplement to management’s internal capabilities to help provide tangible business analysis and insights. Projects range from pricing strategy to sales force optimization
to product line extensions and strategic M&A.

More Than Capital

Capital is a commodity—insightful strategic advice and support is not. Sverica provides portfolio companies with support across the lifecycle of our investment with the goal of building businesses that stand the test of time.