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Advanced Industrial

While there is much spoken about the decline in domestic manufacturing, the fact is, the United States industrial production average has been fairly constant over the last 100 years. The change experienced has been a shift to high-value manufacturing, while low-cost countries have drawn lower-tolerance production. High gross margin production that is mission-critical within an industrial value chain is an indicator of a differentiated and defensible process. Manufacturers with a highly repeating revenue model signal a strong value proposition to their customers and provide attractive bases on which to build growth strategies.

Target Sectors


Highly-Engineered Products
Advanced Materials
Instrumentation and Components


Contract Manufacturing and Assembly
Precision Component Manufacturing
Development and Engineering Services
Maintenance and Repair


Industry 4.0
Process Automation
Energy Storage
Optics and Photonics
Test and Measurement

End Markets

Aerospace and Defense
Medical Device
General Industrial

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