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Resonetics provides laser micromachining manufacturing services for medical device and diagnostic companies, as well as other markets requiring precision laser processing of polymers and glass. The Company offers the world’s largest capacity for laser micromachining polymers in ultra-violet wavelengths and its expertise with polymers and with features as small as one micron is unmatched. The Company also designs, builds and services purpose-built laser workstations to meet specific customer needs. With more than 25 years of experience and a dedicated development lab staffed with PhDs, optical scientists and process experts, the Company delivers solutions for the most demanding polymer micromachining challenges.

“Sverica played a pivotal role in evolving Resonetics from a single-site, specialty manufacturer to a best-in-class global supplier of laser processing services to the medical device industry. In less than 4 years, they supported three greenfield initiatives and two strategic acquisitions while also investing significantly in new capabilities and capacity. My team appreciated Sverica’s support, integrity and humility leading to very productive and enjoyable relationships and ultimately a category leading company.”

Tom Burns

CEO Resonetics

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