Our Firm

Sverica has raised more than $1.1 billion of equity capital over five funds. Our focus has always been entrepreneur operated businesses in the lower middle market where we have followed three core themes: sustainable growth, partnership with and building industry leading management teams, and reinvesting back into our portfolio companies to build organizations that will prosper long after our investment. Sverica is currently investing out of its fifth fund.


Sverica concentrates on driving profitable and sustained growth, which benefits management, employees, customers and ultimately our investors. We align early with management, agree on a plan, then provide the resources and guidance to help management execute. Our job as advisors is to help management balance long-term goals with short-term priorities.


Our investments are true partnerships with management teams and employees. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and management build on what works to accelerate growth. Often that means investing in talent to build not only the C-suite, but depth at every level of the organization.

Business Builders

More often than not, decisions based on the short-term can negatively impact the long-term. Postponing a key hire or not investing in technology, while easy to justify, can lead to lost opportunity and competitive advantage. Sverica looks past the typical five-year horizon to build businesses that can thrive well beyond our investment.