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Cytracom Hires CISO, Launches Trust Center to Raise the Bar in Cybersecurity for MSPs

Allen, TX  –  April 14, 2023 – Allen-based Cytracom, a provider of cloud solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), has announced the appointment of Chief Information Security Officer James Hill and the launch of its Trust Center. 

The two moves underscore Cytracom’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in cybersecurity and its dedication to providing its partners with the tools and resources they need to navigate the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, company execs say.

According to Co-founder and CEO Zane Conkle, the company is building on its already-strong security practices. “With the ever-evolving risks faced by MSPs and businesses, investing in security leadership and establishing a Trust Center that offers immediate access to learn about our security practices, view our compliance audits, and stay updated on the latest methods for securing customer environments, demonstrates our unwavering dedication to protecting our partners,” he said in a statement.

The company’s investment and commitment to security and compliance will accelerate its success and that of its partners, highlighting why more MSP channel partners choose the company, he notes.

Appointment of Cybersecurity Veteran James Hill

Cytracom COO John Tippett says the company’s “channel partners trust them with their own network security as well as their clients, and with the rapidly increasing cyber risk in the industry, Cytracom has made a strategic decision to invest in a CISO.”

In a statement, Tippett said Hill’s expertise in the MSP channel, corporate and public sector risk assessments, forensics, NIST framework, and vulnerability management aligns with the company’s business and partners.

As CISO, Hill’s role is to ensure Cytracom and its employees are working securely, minimizing exposure and risk with an effective and sustainable cybersecurity strategy and program, the company said. Hill also is responsible for anticipating future threats and ensuring the company and its channel partners are prepared to meet them.

Hill’s “vision, talent, and immediate call for the Trust Center introduces another lens on security and new resources to help our partners successfully navigate the security challenges in today’s market,” Tippett said.

The Cytracom Trust Center

The new trust center was developed in response to requests from Cytracom’s partners. Designed to improve communication and trust between the company and MSPs, it offers access to its security practices and compliance audits.

The new portal will notify subscribed partners in real time of any changes to Cytracom’s security and compliance status and help speed up the sales cycle by providing faster access to compliance documentation, according to a news release.

Seeing Potential

Cytracom was founded in 2008 by Conkle and other industry veterans who recognized the potential of cloud-based communications for businesses. The company started out providing VoIP services to businesses but expanded to offer a wider range of cloud-based solutions for managed service providers.

Today, the company’s solutions include communications, security, and networking in a single platform to help MSPs connect and secure traditional and hybrid workforces.

In 2020, the company was acquired by San Francisco-based private equity firm Sverica Capital Management for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition provided backing to Cytracom to enhance its range of services offered to MSPs, develop additional features for its services, and accelerate the company’s growth.

The company moved to Allen in 2017.

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