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iWave’s New Multi-Lens Scoring Elevates Fundraising Customization To New Heights

iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence solution, announced today the availability of its newest feature, Multi-Lens Scoring. This revolutionary feature has never been seen before in the nonprofit industry and it furthers iWave’s leadership in the fundraising intelligence space. With it, nonprofits can easily and quickly view their donors from completely different perspectives to help them maximize fundraising goals. 

Our industry-first fundraising feature elevates customization to new heights

Nonprofit organizations can fully customize their fundraising experience in iWave based on their unique donors, missions, and goals. To understand how valuable this new feature can be, it’s important to know how iWave scores prospects. iWave is the only solution that uses affinity scores to provide a holistic view of a donor. We believe a donor’s giving interest is crucial to knowing how they will give to you. iWave’s customizable scoring preferences for capacity, propensity and affinity provide the foundation for Multi-Lens Scoring. With this new feature, you can now customize your searches based on even more personal data for a complete, well-rounded donor search. 

You can use Multi-Lens Scoring to:
  • Find your TOP prospects who care about your mission
  • Sort and cultivate donors into groups that help you reach your GOALS, faster
  • Cut your research time by seeing MORE information in a comprehensive way
  • Find donors in places you’ve NEVER looked before
  • Be ahead of the curve and ready to ADAPT to any organization or campaign changes
Using affinity to your fullest advantage – a new perspective

As an example, a hospital may have a capital campaign to raise funds for an Arts Therapy Facility. Within iWave’s settings, the hospital is able to select Healthcare as the primary affinity (giving interest) to find donors that have donated to healthcare organizations in the past and have a high capacity and history of giving. Thanks to Multi-Lens Scoring, the customization doesn’t stop here. 

Now the hospital can set up another lens by selecting Arts and Culture as the primary affinity. Under this view, they will uncover prospects that have a track record of donating to arts and culture causes or those who are an executive or a board member at an arts and culture organization. 

Then they can segment top prospects into two lists based on their affinity and look at them side-by-side. The fundraising team can then engage with each group using tailored messaging that focuses on their giving interest in either healthcare or arts and culture. 

“Multi-lens screening makes it possible to change the results of your data set depending on the precise propensity, affinity, and giving capacity your organization needs to support each team and each project. From annual fund to membership to major and principal giving, multi-lens screening pinpoints the prospects you should reach out to now. I cannot wait to work with our clients to help them take advantage of this powerful new feature.” (Erin Lynch Moran, Partner, The Solas Group)

Change the game with 5 unique lenses

 Ultimately, this innovative new feature means even more customization for your fundraising efforts. With 5 lenses to try, fundraisers can compare and contrast results, put together multiple lists to work through, and broaden horizons to new potential projects and donor segments.

“We pride ourselves in providing innovations quickly that will have an impact on your organization even more rapidly. We knew our clients needed something to set them apart and fundraise more effectively. Sometimes, it’s about taking a step back and looking at things differently,” said Mary Cote, VP Product, iWave.

This new feature is part of iWave’s cloud-native platform, utilizing AI that boasts a fresh modern design and intuitive layout. The platform is faster, more powerful, and more scalable than before, allowing new enhancements and functionality to be added quickly and easily.

“At iWave, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of nonprofit fundraising innovation with an agile development process that leverages client and industry insights to continuously bring more value, along with the best customer service in the industry to our nonprofits, higher education, and healthcare organizations. We know we’re changing the game with this new feature and we are excited to see how our clients can succeed and do more for their communities with our help”, said iWave President and CEO Ross Beattie.

Check out our latest blog post on this exciting new feature here.

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