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Delphon Industries

Delphon Industries, with divisions Gel-Pak, and Quik-Pak, was formed by management and Sverica in 2004 and is a leading supplier of innovative packaging and handling materials for the semiconductor and other high-tech industries. Delphon will serve as a platform for continued expansion via organic growth and acquisition of packaging and specialized service companies for the service of semiconductor and other technology industries.

Gel-Pak, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has developed a family of products designed to protect sensitive devices during transport, processing, inspection, and assembly and offers cost-effective customized solutions where damage during handling must be avoided. Gel-Pak films are widely used for the lapping of Thin Film Heads, Wafer Thinning and Polishing applications, and for protecting delicate surfaces. Headquartered in Hayward, California, Gel-Pak maintains an extensive worldwide sales network to serve the needs of advanced device manufacturers.

Gel-Pak expanded with the Quik-Pak division through the acquisition of SPT, Inc. in San Diego. Quik-Pak serves the needs of design engineers looking for a faster method of packaging prototypes and design verification samples. Using its patented Open-Cavity Package technology, Quik-Pak can now produce IC prototypes in any plastic package at any time. Quik-Pak’s patented Open-Cavity technology and complementary turn-key assembly services provide leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, as well as fabless companies, with a strategic advantage for their IC design programs.

As Delphon Industries, Gel-Pak and Quik-Pak provide complete packaging and handling solutions with diverse applications.

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