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Sverica Capital Management Announces Investment in Hirebotics

Boston, MA – March 29, 2023 – Sverica Capital Management LP (“Sverica”), a private equity investment firm, today announced that on March 24th it made a strategic investment in Hirebotics, an innovative, high-growth automation company that has created a differentiated collaborative robot solution designed specifically for welding applications.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Hirebotics’ Cobot Welder is a revolutionary product that combines premium welding equipment and a robotic arm with easy-to-use robust proprietary software to help address an acute shortage of skilled welding technicians.  Founded in 2015 by Rob Goldiez and Matt Bush, then later joined by Zach Boyd, Hirebotics delivers a “cobot” solution that is controlled using a groundbreaking software application, Beacon, that was internally developed and is cloud-based.  In addition to direct sales, Hirebotics maintains key industry partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors of welding equipment to extend its market reach.

Hirebotics’ approach to tool-in-hand applications like welding can readily be applied to adjacent use-cases. Sverica’s strategic investment is intended to facilitate Hirebotics’ realization of its full-potential within the welding automation market and expansion into new markets. Rob Goldiez, founder and CEO commented, “Our search for a capital partner focused on firms that understood Hirebotics’ business model and growth opportunities and would allow us to take full advantage of a rapidly growing market need due to the shortage of skilled labor. Sverica is a great fit for our needs and we are excited about partnering with them to take Hirebotics to the next level.”

Dave Finley, Managing Partner at Sverica said “We are pleased to partner with Rob, Matt and Zach to help them develop and execute a growth strategy into an exciting and evolving area of manufacturing.  Hirebotics’ impressive performance has them literally leading the development of a new market and is a testament to their collective business acumen, corporate culture and customer-focused model.”    

About Hirebotics

Founded in 2015, Hirebotics is a cobot technology developer headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Hirebotics designs and develops tools to improve the productivity, usability and affordability of collaborative robot systems. Hirebotics entered the welding automation space in 2019 as a key collaborator in the development of an early cobot welding system. In 2020, Hirebotics launched Beacon, a powerful robot software platform with support for applications, remote monitoring, and 24/7 global support functionality.

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