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Cytracom Introduces Shared Inboxes within its Business Messaging Product Line

Cytracom, the leading provider of small and medium business (SMB) communications solutions delivered exclusively through managed service providers (MSPs), today announced Shared Inboxes within its Business Messaging product line. Cytracom Shared Inboxes, the first such solution to be developed by a unified communications provider, enables business teams to communicate with customers via text message, collaborate, and reply from a single business phone number—all from within their Cytracom Desktop and Mobile applications.

‍“The modern workforce has changed. 85% of customers prefer to text a business as opposed to calling or emailing,” said Zane Conkle, CEO and Co-Founder of Cytracom. “To stay relevant, stay competitive, and deliver the best customer experience, businesses need to adapt – they need to text – and they need the right tools to do that effectively.”

‍As customer communication preferences increasingly trend toward text messaging, SMBs face new challenges that one-to-one texting fails to resolve. Oftentimes, customers want to send a text message to phone numbers published on existing marketing collateral or those associated with dedicated teams, such as customer service or sales. Businesses also need the ability to proactively reach out to consumers via text, and do so as the business entity, not an individual employee.

‍Since its launch in 2019, Cytracom Business Messaging has delivered powerful text messaging functionality to business users, including both SMS and MMS capabilities across mobile and desktop applications. The addition of Shared Inboxes extends the utility of text messaging to business teams. Now, multiple users can send and receive messages using a single company phone number. They can privately collaborate amongst colleagues to assess customer needs and ensure the right response—all within a seamless conversational thread.

‍Cytracom Shared Inboxes delivers on two key requirements that have historically prevented businesses from adopting this essential form of communication:

A Single, Unified Business Persona
Siloed conversations can fracture a business’ voice. With Shared Inboxes, businesses can engage directly with customers from a single business persona, and customers can connect to the business through a single business number. Externally, customers
experience one point of contact and one voice—while behind the scenes, teams work together to efficiently and effectively meet customer needs.

One-to-Many, Enhanced with Rich Collaboration
Beyond allowing multiple users to communicate via a single number, Shared Inboxes employs unique collaboration functionality to harness the power of teams in a new way. Colleagues can collaborate privately, in real-time, to review messages, coordinate answers, and respond to customers—without ever leaving the message thread.

With rich features like the ability to assign a priority to the conversation and monitor which colleagues are participating—who is viewing and typing—employees can manage ongoing communication efficiently.
Plus, all of this happens transparently to the customer. No longer do businesses need to rely on additional tools to facilitate internal discussion around customer communication or worry about a single user as a point of failure.

The combination of powerful traditional text messaging features along with the introduction of Shared Inboxes makes Cytracom’s Business Messaging platform the most comprehensive messaging solution in the industry.

Business Messaging with Shared Inboxes is now available. Contact Cytracom for more information: Text 877.411.2987 or email:

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