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IT Services Report Names Gorilla Logic CEO Dan Berg a Top IT Cloud Services Executive

The IT Services Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Cloud Services Executives of 2021. As more businesses have come to rely on cloud technology for their key functions, the companies represented on this year’s award list have found themselves in high demand. The complex process of transforming to and subsequently maintaining new digital systems in the cloud requires the close eye of trusted partners with specialized expertise. Such partners have been this year’s awardees who have been providing their customers with invaluable support as they navigate the migration to cloud-based operations. From cloud security and systems monitoring, to data management and development support, many of these companies have partnered with industry giants such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Oracle to implement the most advanced technology and services.

This year’s awardees include some of the most knowledgeable executives in cloud technology. Their guidance and vision has been instrumental in leading their companies through organizational growth and, in some cases, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. The individuals being recognized have extensive and diverse experience in software development, data and analytics, and cybersecurity, among other areas. Many held senior leadership positions that eventually led them to their current roles, where they are guiding their companies and influencing the broader business community toward a bright future in the cloud. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of The Top 25 IT Cloud Services Executives of 2021.

Daniel Berg
Company: Gorilla Logic
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Berg is the Chief Executive Officer of Gorilla Logic, a Boulder, Colorado-based software development and managed cloud services provider. Gorilla Logic’s skilled team of experts builds custom data and cloud solutions, leveraging AWS, Microsoft Azure, private cloud, and other cloud suppliers for maximized scalability. The company serves small and medium businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 500 clients alike, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, it is part of an elite group of developers who deliver intelligent, flexible solutions built for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises scenarios.

Berg first became familiar with Gorilla Logic’s services a client, before joining the company in 2019. He has held previous senior executive positions with Sun Microsystems, SolidFire, Inc., Avaya, Skype, and JumpCloud, honing his expertise in both business and technology throughout his career. He holds a degree in computer science and aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota.

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