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Synoptek Acquires Juxto to Enhance Real-Time Communication Capabilities

Irvine, CA – July 21, 2021 – Synoptek (the “Company”), a leader in the global IT consulting field, acquired Juxto’s direct real-time-communications (RTC) business. Juxto’s experience in providing customized RTC solutions for businesses has been key to the creation of Synoptek’s RTC practice as part of the Company’s Workforce Productivity offering.

The combination of Synoptek’s global presence as an IT integrator and Juxto’s North American Carrier-Grade network offers a voice communication solution that meets and exceeds the needs of the most demanding customers. Customer benefits include efficiently enabling a remote workforce, faster incident response time, continual service improvements and world-class security. Through this acquisition, Synoptek further strengthens its position in real-time communication.

“RTC services have been expanding at a rapid pace and we expect the acquisition of Juxto to deliver tremendous value for Synoptek and its customers,” said John Frazier, COO of Synoptek. “Upon the formal launch of Synoptek’s RTC practice, we will assume responsibility for all existing Juxto direct customer agreements. Branding, services and support for these customers will be provided by the newly formed Synoptek RTC team which will be comprised of a blend of resources from Synoptek and Juxto.”

“Synoptek’s real-time communication services are designed to meet all enterprise voice and calling requirements,” said Tim Britt, CEO of Synoptek. “Our systems are developed to enable customers to maintain communication in the face of power outages, internet interruption or hardware failures. Traditional phone systems do not offer the quality and reliability of our RTC solutions which feature built-in business continuity plans. With Synoptek RTC, businesses will enjoy improved performance, enhanced functionality and a lower total cost of ownership for their communication systems.”

The acquisition of Juxto is the culmination of a lengthy process of evaluating the benefits provided by the company after an initial limited partnership. Synoptek’s acquisition removes any remaining barriers that stood in the way of fully taking advantage of Juxto’s technical expertise and enables Synoptek to offer its clients advanced and versatile communication solutions.

About Synoptek

Synoptek is a global systems integrator and managed IT services provider, offering comprehensive IT management and consultancy services to a global clientele. The Company works in partnership with clients of all sizes – from mid-market to Fortune 100; and for over two decades its focus has been to provide maximum business value to its clients by enabling them to grow their businesses, manage risk and compliance and increase their competitive position. Synoptek is committed to delivering improved business results and unmatched service to every client, every time.

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About Juxto

Juxto is an innovative company that has focused on implementing cloud communication solutions since 2001. It provides high-quality voice networks across North America and highly reliable cloud communication solutions that include secure real-time communications. The company has developed extensive vendor relationships including a partnership with Ribbon, a global leader in real-time communications software solutions for service providers. Juxto offers customers a future-proof and geo-redundant voice solution connecting global business with carrier-grade infrastructure. Resiliency is built into its approaches, ensuring customer systems are always available.

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